Sidra Cortina

"Poured from a very great height, it swirls round in the glass like a golden mist; as it settles, a star rises from its fine frothy depths and, once drunk and savoured, a happy and optimistic world springs from within the drinker, tailored to their liking, a world for their particular use, but created through a brief cosmological evolution. This beginning is marked by the cider swirling round in the glass, forming a mist from which a star rises and escapes into the world; a world of such optimism and enterprising spirit that if all projects were imagined before a bottle of cider, Asturias would be a true Eden and the apple would be redeemed, for if by the apple we lost paradise, we may return to it through cider".

Valentín Andrés Álvarez (translation: Yolanda Hartshorne).