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Guided tours of the winery

On the outskirts of Villaviciosa, (specifically in the town of Amandi) is the Llagar de la Ferrería, the cradle that sees the birth of the new Sidra Cortina natural cider every year. It is precisely here where we will show you how Asturian cider is made; what are its ins and outs, curiosities, myths…

Cidertourism has become an activity that no tourist who comes to Asturias will want to miss out on, as it involves getting to know something as much our own as cider through the 5 senses. A complete experience in which you will not only experience the product in all its splendor, but you will also be able to taste two of our most famous ciders and accompany them with a tasting of artisanal cheeses, made in the Cider Region itself.

To visit us it is necessary to book through the Reservations/Sidraturismo section *

The visit is priced at €8 (adult) and includes:

– Reception at the visitor center and explanatory video.

– Serigraphed cider glass.

– Guided tour of the Llagar de la Ferrería.

– Test of cider directly from the barrel.

– Tasting of Cortina ice cider.

– Tasting and pairing of Asturian cheeses.

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*If when selecting a date, any of the times does not appear, it means that the visit is COMPLETE at that time and you will have to select another time or another day.