Sidra Cortina
Sidra Cortina

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"Poured from a very great height, it swirls round in the glass like a golden mist; as it settles, a star rises from its fine frothy depths and, once drunk and savoured, a happy and optimistic world springs from within the drinker, tailored to their liking, a world for their particular use, but created through a brief cosmological evolution. This beginning is marked by the cider swirling round in the glass, forming a mist from which a star rises and escapes into the world; a world of such optimism and enterprising spirit that if all projects were imagined before a bottle of cider, Asturias would be a true Eden and the apple would be redeemed, for if by the apple we lost paradise, we may return to it through cider".

Valentín Andrés Álvarez (translation: Yolanda Hartshorne).

Cider Tour Sidra Cortina

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From 1st July to 31th August you can visit our cider factory, it’s a great experience if you want to know asturian culture. The tour shows how we make hard cider and  you can taste our products. This year we have some news, for example a exhibition to old machines which were used when the enterprise start in this business. To finish the guided tour we offer a pleasure experiencing our new product Ice Cider, a cider with intense aroma and subtly sweet taste VISITING TIME: Monday to Friday First tour 12:00h. Second tour 18:00h. *It’s no required make reservation

Cortina, mejor Sidra de Hielo

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Pocos son los meses que lleva en el mercado nuestro nuevo producto, CORTINA SIDRA DE HIELO, sin embargo ha sido el tiempo suficiente para alzarse con su primer premio. Nuestra nueva sidra, fiel a la filosofía de la empresa, ha sabido conquistar los paladares más exquisitos y así ha quedado constatado consiguiendo ser la Mejor Sidra de Hielo en el Concurso a las Mejores Sidras y Derivados de la Manzana Elaborados en Asturias celebrado en el XL Festival de la Sidra de Nava, un reconocimiento que hace pensar en la buena acogida que tendrá el producto. ¿Qué es sidra de hielo? Es el resultado de un mosto de manzana concentrado que después de más de un año fermentación y maduración…